Desperate prayers from blinded eyes

Today is going to be one of those days I will never forget.

It started more than 10 hours ago, but my heart is still racing. I think my chest hurts a little, no joke.

I take my boys to school every morning, so there’s always that last minute hustle to grab bags, sign journals to make sure lunches are packed. Today was like any other day of the thousand days in our household.

Once again, on the way out the door my youngest son said he’d forgotten to make his lunch for school. So, his plan was to run to the garage and pick up a snack pack out of our second refrigerator.

He asked me, “Dad, can you pick me up around back.”

I huffed a little because he was not prepared, as usual, but said, “Yes, I’ll meet you back there in a minute.”

So, Noah and I piled into the truck in front of the house and made our way around back where we idled and waited for Nathan to emerge. After several minutes, I sent his brother to go find him. He came back out and said Nathan wasn’t in there.

By the time I put the truck in park and ran in the back door, mom was running out alarmed by Noah looking for his brother.

She already had tears in her eyes, Nathan was not where he was supposed to be and Continue reading “Desperate prayers from blinded eyes”

I found your name in the Bible

Human beings have a horrible tendency to skim.

If we think we know something, or we have already covered it, then we barely give it a glance because we have already “put the effort in.”

Why reinvent the wheel, right?

My eldest is a master at this. In fact, we have decided that his Indian name is “Running Water” because whatever he is involved in he will always flow to the path of least resistance. I guess this makes him a naturally green individual because he conserves energy like nobody’s business!

Hmmm, I think we used to call that lazy, but today he’s an eco-hero! Yeah, Noah.

I shouldn’t tease, he takes after his dad. I like to find the easy way out myself, but this mindset of skimming often puts me at a disadvantage.

  • It causes me to assume, which usually leads to missing something.
  • It causes me to skip steps, which often stutters the process.
  • It causes me to see with my mind, and I miss what the eyes can tell me.

For example, have you ever Continue reading “I found your name in the Bible”

Where’s your happy button?

This is the time of year that I am usually giddy with anticipation. In fact, when I see Halloween decorations creeping out at Wal-Mart, feelings of joy start to gurgle up from deep down inside.


You can cancel your plans for the letter explaining to me the evils of October 31st, that’s not what makes me gleeful. However, when you see the Trick O Treater gear clogging the aisles I do get a skip in my step because it means just one thing to me… The NBA season is almost here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

For you ESPN addicts, you’ll be sure to note that owner/player talks may delay or even cancel this coming season.

Nope. Still not dismayed.

If the season starts late, or never even begins, I’ll be just fine. Why? Because

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