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Which one is it? Yes.

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I have an experience common to many of you. Raising teenagers, specifically teenage boys, comes with a series of predictable issues and outcomes.  There will be emergency room visits. There will be “shenanigans.” There will be drama. I guess you don’t even have to be a raiser of teenage boys to know this is true; […]

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Risky Haircuts

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I have had the same haircut for 17 years. First, I know this because I cut off the rebellious ponytail of my youth the same week my first son was born, and he’s 17. Second, no comments from any of you about not having hair options because of the ‘limited resources’ I am working with […]

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An open letter to church planters (and others)

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I write this open letter to church planters because of the importance of the work you do, because I have a heart for pioneers and risk takers, and because  I pastor a church that believes in church planting and lives it. But, the truth is this letter is for pastors, leaders, and believers of all […]


Read the map!

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Several years ago when Kathy and lived in Ft Worth during the seminary years, we had some friends come and visit us from Kansas. It was a pretty easy trip; basically from Kansas go south on I-35 and exit on Seminary Drive… one turn and your at our doorstep. Well, these friends took our simple […]

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Walking In Reality

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  Dear Heavenly Father, Over the years, I have often thanked you for Jesus, and I mean it every time. But, but I must confess that I have not thanked you for the effects of what He has done. When Christ died on the cross, He defeated hell, death, and the grave, but those were […]


Perpetual Motion

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There has been a quest over the centuries by some of the great philosophical and engineering minds to come up with a perpetual motion machine. Something that once started, is powered by the energy it produces itself and would never have to stop because it is completely self sustaining. No degradation of power, a leak […]


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