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The Cross Eyed Life in print

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The Cross Eyed Life has gone to print! This online blog, site, media collection has entered a new phase. As of November of 2015, the Baptist Digest of the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists (KNCSB) has determined to print an article of mine monthly. It’s very exciting, and I used the first edition to introduce […]

Moses Bent Down infront of the Burning Bush as God Speaks

Learning to turn aside

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    Productivity is a spiritual issue. So, what does God say about getting more done?   If you have trouble playing from above, you can directly access the audio file at SoundCloud: HERE Don’t forget to download the free CrossEyedLife App: HERE

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Make a Difference

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Sharing a moment with you from Reno Valley Middle School… had the opportunity to present as a motivational speaker on the issue of “Making A Difference.” Please, enjoy and share!   If the link for the podcast does not work on your browser, you can go directly to: Sound Cloud Direct Link   Don’t forget […]

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Blind Spots

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This week allow me share with you an audio podcast about something we all have… blind spots. By definition, you do not know what yours are, but let me give you a way to start to see what’s not been in view… then we can do something about it. If the link for the podcast […]

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Go ahead, hit the button, just for a second. I am talking about the pause button. You have one, everything has one, but you probably haven’t hit it in a while. Hitting the pause button is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s not a full stop or even a change of direction. It’s just […]

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Maturity… start now

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  Thank you for stopping by CrossEyedLife… don’t forget to bookmark this site, subscribe to the right, and/or download the free app to enjoy future CrossEyedLife posts: GET THE APP This blog is a follow-up to a teaching at CrossPoint church on pursuing spiritual maturity. Whether or not you are a CrossPointer, please use the resources […]


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