Eagle Retreat 2008

After spending the past weekend at EAGLE RETREAT 2008 with teenage students growing up in ministry households of the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists (now there’s a  specific audience), I am struck with a thought: I’m glad I am NOT a teen anymore.

I remember how hard it was to survive in the social climate of high school, “Bullies, cheerleaders and jocks, O’ My! There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

I remember how hard it was to struggle with a desire for independence and still do right by your mom and dad; a CBS after school special waiting to happen.

I remember peer pressure, personal insecurities and the impending threat of global thermonuclear war started by the Soviets. For all the 30 somethings, wasn’t high school just peachy?

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C3 Day 2

Well, we’re on the way back from the Big D right now, but here’s a look at day 2 from the Creative Church Conference. Enjoy this video!

We’ll get back to the Q & A blog stuff early this week, so, keep the questions coming!
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