So… you got any plans?

It’s that time of year again. Every channel on TV has one of those greatest/worst 100 of the year shows. You can’t turn on the radio without audibly stumbling over a top 40 countdown of every style and genre out there.


It’s just natural at the end of the year to look back and remember before we press on into the


I hate this time of year.


Not just because it contrasts with the Christmas Season (the absolute best time of the year), or even because I don’t like looking back. In fact, it’s just the opposite.


I hate this kind of looking back, because it doesn’t do anything for our future. It’s a waste of time and energy.


I love looking back, but as a ruthless evaluator. I believe there is such a thing as constructive criticism, especially when invited.


This is probably why my circle of intimate friends is so small… hmmm, I’ll have to evaluate that later.


Appreciating and seeking criticism is an art. Unwanted critique, from people who don’t know anything and consider their own opinion too valuable to be kept to themselves need to embrace every human’s capacity to, shut it. Continue reading “So… you got any plans?”

I Knew I was right

I love validation!

We all do.

Validation is that moment when you are proven right and you get to jump up and yell, “Booya, in your face, I knew it, that’s right, who’s your daddy, I own you, YES, I… AM… THE… MAN!”

And, your wife just sits there and rolls her eyes, again, because you have once again bested her in your knowledge of Star Wars Trivia. Even though she hates those movies and can’t tell the difference between a Jedi’s Padawan and a Sith Lord, you still sit there smugly in your moment of triumphant validation… you dominate.

I admit it, I am a validation junkie. I remember once being in an argum… er… discussion with my betrothed about an actor on a sitcom in which I was so sure of myself and desiring validation that I ordered it at a drive through: Continue reading “I Knew I was right”