Get ready, get ready, get ready


img_0471Just got back from an incredible trip overseas and I have more to communicate than I could ever hope to pour out in a single sermon, blog or conversation. So, whoever shows up at church this weekend… God help them.

One of the great parts of this recent road trip was the opportunity to visit the ancient ruins of Ephesus and actually stand where the Apostle Paul stood. You know, to not guess, but to whip out the old Holy Bible and read the chapter and verse and quote what he said standing on the very spot he said it.

Kinda cool. Felt a little like a time machine with the flux capacitor kicked into high gear.

So, here I am this morning trying to reintegrate/catch up on the week we missed and I decided to reread some of the passages connected to the places I’d just seen.

Right out of Acts 19 while Paul was visiting Ephesus is this crazy, funny story: Continue reading “Get ready, get ready, get ready”