Why bad things happen to good people

I want to write an article today that I have trouble believing. Not because it’s hard to believe, but because I don’t like believing it. I guess that’s part of the trouble, there are things that we don’t want to be true, but truth exists despite our desires… sigh.

Anyway, the article is basically surrounding this statement: I know why bad things happen to good people.

I’ll bet several of you are going to guess that I’m going to say something like…

  • To develop them, strengthen them and grow them up
  • For the betterment of those around them
  • For some unseen reason known only to God

Actually, those are all pretty good theological/philosophical positions. My answer won’t be nearly that clever, or popular.

So, why do bad things happen to good people? Well, I don’t really think there are good people.

Told you that wouldn’t be a popular answer.

The anguish over the question of why bad things happen to good people is one of injustice. How can someone good suffer loss? How can pain be justified in a good person’s life? Where is the logic in bad things happening to someone who only does good?

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Let it flow…

As a church we are in the midst of a series of material called The Blessed Place On Earth.

I love the concept of blessing in Scripture. I love the way God’s people long for blessing. I have prayed the prayer’s with others, for others and for myself that God’s blessing would fall.

But, this series has led me into a direction of remembering one of the oldest promises for God’s people. That we are to become a blessing for those around us.

It is quite clear that God does not bless His children so that they can become a stock tank full of blessing. He blesses His children so that they can become a free flowing stream of blessing to  the world around them.

If you have ever seen a stock tank that has sat unattended for a long time without circulation or changing, that water gets nasty! The same is true with the believer who continually stockpiles blessings and never becomes a blessing to those around them.

The best way to make your blessings continue, to make an impact in this generation, is to make sure that every blessing on you, passes through you, to become a blessing to someone else near you. That’s what we mean by making our homes the most blessed places on Earth.

But it’s not just our homes, we need our churches, schools, workplaces, and every other place that Christians go to be places of blessing as it drips off of us, after God rained it down upon us.

So, what is this incredible Scripture that teaches us to not only receive blessing, but to be a blessing. We find it in Genesis 12:

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