What Hurt The Most?

Good Friday 2012 Podcast via www.crosspointnow.net

Here is an audio recording of our message from Good Friday. It was recorded on my iPhone sitting near me, so, it is what it is…

But, I hope it is a blessing to you!

I am including a PDF document of the slides during the services for you to be able to follow all the scripture references: SLIDES

Two reasons

Today is a processing day.

After spending last week with 40 plus CrossPointers at the C3 conference in Dallas, TX, I have a lot to ponder. I usually love these days.

Coming back from a conference has always meant rest, rejuvenation and a boatload of new ideas.

Not this year.

It felt like every speaker was giving me a booty kickin’.

I left every session feeling like I just got sucker punched by the Holy Spirit. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome; painful, but awesome.

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