Be of Noble Peace

I’m a people watcher.

It’s not only a pass time, it’s a passion.

When Kathy and I are short on money, we often make people watching our low budget entertainment for date night. For example, last night we spent 2.5 hours on a strategically positioned couch at the coffeeshop in Hastings and just drank it in.

In whispered tones like the National Geographic photographer crouched in the bushes just a few feet upwind from an African lion (idiot, by the way… said in love) who documents his close encounter on film, Kat and I whisper to each other:

  • “Think they’re a couple?”
  • “Friends or sisters?”
  • “Dude, she is mad. She’d stab him if we all weren’t here…”
  • “Do we know him?”
  • “I’d never let you out of the house wearing that.” (Obviously, a Kat only statement)
  • “Hey, I think those two are watching us… quick, act normal.” Continue reading “Be of Noble Peace”