As a pastor, one of my greatest joys is watching people in the church get excited, grow and develop deeper and deeper passions for Jesus.

This is most clearly evident in the lives of people who are retuning from mission work. Excitement produced by a little fear mixed with complete dependance, wrapped up in abnormal relationships and fellowship, all against the contrast of our lives back home.

In 20+ years of ministry I have seen (and experienced) the “Just Got Back Home Blues” innumerable times. They are somewhat justified because the experience on the mission field was so real, so raw, so amazing that home by contrast seems fake, plastic or even irrelevant.

A couple of years ago I was on mission in Europe and Asia and new that I’d be hitting the blues in just a few days. So, as I wrestled with myself on the rollercoaster ride that so often is personal spirituality, and I stumbled a crossed a word that nailed me to the wall… intentionality.

So, whether you are coming back from a summer mission trip, heading out on one, or you are staying home and trying to realize that you live on a mission field already; please take time to view this short video and lets get intentional.




It may be deadly, but at least we’re rested

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at the chapel service for Hesston College. I always love speaking to college students as they are the next generation and all that, but I was asked to speak on a unique issue.

They were going through the Seven Deadly Sins this semester and wondered if I’d speak to one of them. I couldn’t resist… I picked sloth.

I said I was passionate about sloth… and I get right to work on it… I would diligently pour myself into sloth… if you aren’t getting the humor here, text a friend and ask for help.

In case you are wondering, the Seven Deadly Sins are not a Biblical grouping, but a teaching of the ancient/Catholic church include:

  • Pride
  • Avarice
  • Luxury
  • Envy
  • Appetite
  • Anger
  • Sloth

If you are really interested, you can always learn more about it at WIKIPEDIA, and usually half of what you find there is accurate.

If you are a regular in our faith community I am sure you have heard these illustrations before, but it was a fun challenge to speak on such a unique and narrow subject. Hope you enjoy!
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