Pardon me Lord may I have this seat

G.K. Beale has said, “Whatever your heart clings to or relies on for ultimate security is your object of worship.”

Most of my fellow churchgoers would not argue with this definition of worship. In fact, I have personally defined worship as anything that captures your attentions and affections.

What strikes me most though is the verb “clings” used by Beale. In my mind I can picture myself latching onto the thought of having a girlfriend in the 7th grade… I knew what I was worshiping.

I can vividly recall my almost sociopathic pursuit of great grades and accolades through high school… bowing low at the altar of achievement.

There’s no denying the idolatry of my early 20s when, even in ministry, I was worried about

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Contentment is so frustrating

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to Christian Challenge, the college aged ministry meeting here in the Hutchinson area.

I spoke on the issue of contentment, and as weird as it sounds… I have been totally fired up about contentment! This spring I have spoken at half a dozen schools and colleges and have talked about contentment almost every time (even at our own SURGE Bible Study once). But, last night I finally got it on video.

Hope you enjoy! (BTW… if you ‘right click’ the video you can ZOOM and watch it full screen if you’d like. A new feature on our new site!)

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