You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?

Dealing with conflict.

Everyone deals with it, but the question is how do you deal. There are constructive and destructive ways to deal with almost anything including conflict, criticism and stupidity.

Hmm… that last descriptor is less from my Bible Study and more from the movie I just caught last night: GI JOE.

andy as GI JOE

I so loved it. I was 11 again.

If one of the JOEs ran into conflict they’d blow it up, punch it in the face, or just kill it.

And, as machismo and testosterone driven as that is (and, oh so appealing for so many situations), I don’t think it’s the answer for the Christ follower in conflict.

I just can’t imagine Jesus strapping on a fully automatic machine gun with rocket launcher attachment and sneering at his 12-man commando posse as He jumps on the back of camel yelling, “Mount up”. Continue reading “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?”

I Feel So Left Out

Please imagine that really cool TV network “Now Announcing” music beginning here followed by this more than pertinent information:

Today, the CrossEyedLife announces a new category for it’s teaching/blog articles called Leadership Journals. I’ve noticed that many of the comments and the emails received are from people in leadership positions whether in small business or in ministry, so, I’m creating a new line of thoughts for our readers specifically for them.

Hopefully these articles will have principles that translate to all readers, as I really enjoy communicating directly with fellow leaders from time to time. So, whether you’re a CEO who crunches numbers and meanders through the marketplace maze, or maybe you’re a fellow under-shepherd smacking a few sheep back into the flock, or maybe your captain MOM of the good ship “OBEY ME NOW OR THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES”… I hope Leadership Journals has something for you!


Have you ever missed out on a good thing because you haven’t been willing to do the hard thing?

The obvious answers lie before us like broken toys on a toddler’s bedroom floor (man, I have to get some non-parental metaphors):

· The better body we always wanted, but never produced because sit ups cost more than Ding Dongs

· The training and education we were always going to pursue later when we had more time (you can stop laughing now)

· The career or life goal that was actually achievable, but never achieved because it required a change that you still haven’t found the words to share with “you know who”

· The savings account that never was because the flat panel, the ipod, the boat, the new car, the… oh, you get it!

When we get honest, this list of good things gone undone can get sickeningly long real quick, and what makes it even worse is we can add another page of how we are planning on starting them all tomorrow.

Yeah, right. Continue reading “I Feel So Left Out”