The best plan for your life, well, maybe

What if God’s plan for your life is not the best plan for your life?


For most of you reading this, that is an absolutely ludicrous question. But, let me ask you to suspend your theological questions for a moment and just ponder whether there is any way it  is possible that God’s plan for your life may not be the best plan.


I’m pretty sure at this point I’ve offended 50% of you, 25% of you have already unsubscribed from and the remaining 25% are praying for my soul. Let me ask you to just hang on, I promise I’ll make a point worth making.


For us to seriously ponder the question of whether or not it’s possible for God’s plan for our life to NOT be the best plan for our life, we must define a term or two.


When I use the word “best” we almost universally, as individual as we are, define it in the exact same way:

  • the best financial plan for me is to spend less and get more
  • the best time plan for me is to do less and play more
  • the best physical plan for me is to be healthier and suffer less
  • the best emotional plan for me is to be happy and less… everything else


I think you see the pattern here; we could go on and on defining what’s best for us in every arena of life based on a single standard:  what will benefit me the most?


That’s how we naturally and internally define “best.” The best answer, the best plan and the best Continue reading “The best plan for your life, well, maybe”