My wife is awesome

My wife Kathy sent me this email that she had written as a reply to a forward, and I thought everyone should read it.

You’ve probably gotten the same gazillions of email forwards about our country, the state of the world and all the evils there in. Everyone seems to have the answer, but instead of using it they just come up with more emails about how bad things are; usually quoting false news stories, made up quotes and out of context statistics.
Truth is… I never read forwards, especially if I’m in a whole list of people who got it. It’s my choice, for i am King of Spamalot. Continue reading “My wife is awesome”

Jesus was both God and Man, or is that just bad math?

I almost always hate it when someone says, “I know how you feel.”

The reason… they usually have no clue how I feel. “Oh, you lost your arm in a horrific kitchen blender accident. I know exactly how you feel. Last year I got this nasty paper cut that…”

Give me a break. Honestly, even if someone has a similar experience there are usually so many personal factors that truly associating seems cheap and distant (maybe that has less to do with others and more to do with the ego-centric way most people see the universe revolve around them. I’ve heard many other people have that problem). Continue reading “Jesus was both God and Man, or is that just bad math?”

Was Jesus A Sinner?

Yeeee haw…. a brand new entry!

You may or may not have noticed that we are starting a new CATEGORY of blogging articles called Q & A. I am starting to see some response from our open invitation to field some questions spiritual/biblical/otherwise and thought we’d keep them all under the same heading.

So, anyway, here we go (he typed with giddy excitement)! An email I received over the weekend posed this question:

John the Baptist, practiced a baptism of repentance. Jesus never sinned, why would He be baptized for repentance?

Hmmm, good question. Let’s look at the text in question: Continue reading “Was Jesus A Sinner?”

Don’t just do something, stand there!

Okay, so, here’s one of the most confusing things ever: are we supposed to work hard as believers, or do we just totally trust in God and wait to see what He will do? I’ve heard sermons tell me to do both, and even worse I’ve been to church growth conferences where one expert says our churches aren’t making the grade because we’re lazy, good for-nothings and then the very next guy says we’re faithless idiots because we try to do it all ourselves. Continue reading “Don’t just do something, stand there!”

Lions and Tigers and Trees, Oh My!

I didn’t know trees could walk. And, the thought of this is terrifying news to me.

I was one of those countless millions who crowded round the TV set once year when the Wizard of Oz was broadcast on one of the major networks and didn’t want to miss the visual spectacular.

Then, years later, it came out on DVD and my own children got hooked on the “Lizard of Oz” (by the way I didn’t correct their mispronunciation out of sheer hope that they would really believe that was the title and would one day bring it up in conversation in High School, or better yet as an adult… hilarious. Oh, the therapy bills yet to come.) Continue reading “Lions and Tigers and Trees, Oh My!”