Power Tripping

I am desperately seeking a Playstation 3. I know that PS3s are not hard to find, but I need to get a hold of the 60 or 80 GB version because they are the only ones that are backward compatible, and believe me… the Addis’ have invested in Playstation history.

So, I have been on a hunt. As a modern man I am not driven to grunt out an existence hunting caribou on the tundra plains with my fellow tribal herdsman. Instead, I just hit the Spangles drive-thru.

So, to pacify all of the testosterone driven energy inherent to all males of my species to hunt and provide for the clan, I turn to the only outlet known to our kind: the procurement of high-end electronics.

Me hunt long time. Scour plains of internet for weeks. Brave dark caves of pawn shops. Learn ways of the classified paths. Even cry out to fellow warriors of KWBW Partyline, but there no answers be.�

I know everything there is to know about these machines. I know they were made for only a short time, that they are not longer in production, I know their specs, ups, downs, ins and outs.

That’s probably why I went over the tipping point last week when I stopped into a Gamestop in McPherson on my hunt. I asked the teenage cashier behind the counter, “By any chance, do you guys have a Playstation 3, 60 GB version.” Continue reading “Power Tripping”


When I was a kid I knew what I want to be more than anything else in the whole world, Indiana Jones. 

Actually, when I found out the same guy was also Han Solo, I really just wanted to be Harrison Ford. I mean, how much cool do you have to have in your DNA to be that guy?

By the way, when the new IJ movie comes out this summer I’ll be there with my boys at the midnight showing with the rest of the freaks, wearing my fedora. Oh, yes I will.

Anyway, I really thought I wanted to follow in the footsteps of good Doctor Jones for a while as an archaeologist. That is, until I realized they spent most of their time digging up nasty old bones and sifting through ancient garbage and NOT dodging ancient booby traps and outrunning huge boulders in jungle caves.

Who knew?

Yet, even as a pastor today, I am amazed how much archeology and bone digging is required in this profession. Continue reading “BrontosaurusBurgers”