Eagle Retreat 2008

After spending the past weekend at EAGLE RETREAT 2008 with teenage students growing up in ministry households of the Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists (now there’s a  specific audience), I am struck with a thought: I’m glad I am NOT a teen anymore.

I remember how hard it was to survive in the social climate of high school, “Bullies, cheerleaders and jocks, O’ My! There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

I remember how hard it was to struggle with a desire for independence and still do right by your mom and dad; a CBS after school special waiting to happen.

I remember peer pressure, personal insecurities and the impending threat of global thermonuclear war started by the Soviets. For all the 30 somethings, wasn’t high school just peachy?

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Good Friday one week later…

We had a great Easter weekend at Wesbtook and the Venues. With more than 1,600 in our 6 services we broke all kinds of church records, so, that was a blast.

More importantly it was a pretty powerful weekend of worship and teaching.

Each year we have a slightly/poorly attended Good Friday service, and many have asked about it wishing they had been able to attend.

During that service we used this video to prelude the taking of the Lord’s Supper. So, for those who missed it, here’s a tase of our Good Friday service.

Post a replay and let me know what you think!
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Beat Sin or Beaten By Sin

Back to some serious Q & A. Now that Easter is behind us, this pastor can get back to normal life and start pursuing his real calling… blogging. Just kidding, but it is fun.

I’ve had quite a few emails and the questions are starting to mount up, so, I have developed a strategy. Real-life issue questions with heart-wrenching, life-altering consequences get answered first. (ie. Andy, is sacrificing a cat to Satan really all that bad?… guess it depends on what you think of cats… just kidding).

Theology junk for fellow spiritual nerds (NERDS UNITE!) get answered later (Andy, when Jesus said He came to seek and save the lost, what was Greek root word for ‘seek’?… seriously… too much time on your hands… get a job, or at least an XBOX).

So, here is a great question posed via email:

What advice would you have for a Christian guy who is really struggling with some certain sins they can never seem to overcome? I try so hard, and continually ask God for help, yet I always fall to the same temptations.
Talk about your universal concern. Every one of us deal with pervasive and continual sin, and even those who espouse levels of spiritual maturity that allude to near sinlessness are either liars (sinners, and they know it) or mistaken (sinners and they don’t know it). Continue reading “Beat Sin or Beaten By Sin”

A teeny tiny God?

Have you ever been guilty of making your God too small?

Consider my cyber-hand raised. It’s really easy to forget that God is so much bigger than us, our concerns and our world.

Just hold on you hyper-spiritualists who say, “Not I! I never underestimate God.” Just take your pious selves back to your pew and sing a hymn or something, because you’re wrong. How can I be so bold you may ask?

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