What a wierd choice

I hate it when people make the wrong choice.

Especially when it’s just so obvious… you know, the smart decision, the right direction, the intelligent choice, the proven alternative…  The thing YOU would have done!

Just give me 15 minutes on a bench at the mall and I can fix half the pop culture injustices of the world:

  • That haircut should have never gotten out of a magazine
  • You really just bought an IPOD when you can’t afford two of the same shoes
  • Sister, quit holding that dude’s hand, he gives me the creeps
  • Seriously, pull your pants up
  • Hey there young mom, it’s called a pacifier, they’re used to pacify that intense screaming sound coming from that rolling buggy just in front of you which you have obviously somehow grown immune to
  • Wow!  It should be illegal to pierce that Continue reading “What a wierd choice”