Thanksgiving as a way of life

Here are a few thoughts on the issue of giving thanks, which, by the way, I am convinced is the mark of Christian maturity the more I read the New Testament.

I filmed this last week while on mission in the Grand Caymans. Props to my buddy Jonathan Curtis who got up real early with me to hold the camera. We had to get up early so that we could find a quite time on the beach and avoid mostly naked people in the background… I’m a thinker, don’t you know.

This video will be one of several used in our weekend services on our campuses over this holiday weekend, so, if you attend just consider it a preview.

Many blessings and may Thanksgiving be more than just Turkey and football to you this year. No matter where you are, you have something to be thankful for…

Download Video


For those really astute and making the connection, why yes, that is the same shirt from the video in the previous blog. After getting stuck in Chicago overnight I wore that outfit for almost two days.

Here’s something to be thankful for: you weren’t sitting next to me on the plane!

Happy Thanksgiving!

More of Him and less of me,

Andy Addis

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