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 The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit… More important than you know.


A Holy Collision

There are no accidents. You have had, are having, or will have a holy collision.


A New Direction

A message for anyone looking for a new path to a better destination. This was an easter message in 2009.



Beginning a new year with the right perspective… AD… in the year of our Lord




A Christmas series on the basic issues of belief



There was a day that changed history. It was the day God became a man. Are you ready for the big day?

The Big Day


There are some important words that define our church and outline our faith… these are big words



The Blessed Place On Earth

Looking to the Bible to discover how to make our homes the most blessed places on earth.


But That’s Not The Whole Story

A look at the theme of the Bible as a whole from Genesis to Revelation. What is this story about?



An explosive series that is a verse by verse study of the book of Colossians. A series for deeper study.


Change The World

A look at the biblical pattern for spiritual development and growth: Love God, Grow Up and Serve All.


Christmas Stories

A Christmas series focusing on its different storylines and how they match our stories.



Christmas Tidings

A Christmas series focusing on its different storylines and how they match our stories.



This three week series focuses on the the Biblical response to conflict, anger, hurt and difficult people (especially when that person is you).


Couch Sessions

A unique series that takes you three three pastoral counseling sessions on marriage.




In every human life there are turning points, cross roads and transitions. Some are relational, some are financial, all are spiritual. This is a Biblical look at the CrossPoints of a human life



There is a time to fight, but how do you prepare for spiritual warfare. Learn the Biblical art of DEFENSE.



First, for a happily ever after relationship, you have to know what God has already said is blessable and what is not. Second, what needs to be done to affair proof your marriage.



A church turned inside out, wearing its faith on the outside. Includes 4 awesome testimonies!



Lessons from the Southern District Youth Conference



Learning how to put God First int he essential arenas of life.


Fish Food

A book study tracing the life of Jonah.



Taking your faith to the next level… focusing on the person, presence and power of God.


Getting It Under Control

A single lesson on getting your life under control by modeling after Jesus and His actions on clearing the Temple


Got Gift?

A study on spiritual gifts and the role they play in our lives



A verse by verse study of the book of Ephesians



A three step process to getting a grip on your spiritual life and maturity: reaching upward, outward and inward


Getting a grip on your spiritual life


Heart For The House

God’s Church is made up of local gatherings… do you have a heart for one!


Home for Christmas

A look into the homes of some of the Christmas story’s most famous families… it’ll hep you bring the story home for Christmas



The keys to a happy, healthy home from a Biblical perspective!



Imagine what life would be like if God really had control of…


In Yo Business

God’s plan for finance is better than your plan, even if it is In Yo Business…


Indepth 08 Worship Videos

A series of videos used for an interactive worship experience based on Isaiah 6!



Finding the tools and the motivation to start the changes you need to make heart, mind, soul and strength.


The Journey

Spiritual maturity is not a destination, it is a journey. Hike the trail to the highest peak to the Scriptures outlining the journey.

journey 4-3 copy


Journey Through Worship

A series of special videos that focus and direct a learning worship experience.


The Last Word

The Final Word…The Easter season is a fantastic reminder that nothing has the final word in your life, if Jesus is Lord… not even death itself!



A look at how much God values the Lost by studying the three parables of Luke 15: the lost sheep, coin and son.


Moving Beyond the PSR

Become a risk taker and become as you move beyond the Point of Safe Return!


The “No Name” Series

What did Jesus say about prayer in Matthew 6?


On The Road Again

Hitting the road to visit the campuses of CrossPoint Church and working through the book of James.



A theological look at the unity of God, His church and our mission.



There is only one church… one, holy, catholic, apostolic church… yeah, we said it.



Preparing For The End Of The World

This study of the first three chapters of Revelation will bring confidence to the believer that no matter what, we are fine if we are in God’s hand… even if the world comes to an end!






Studying the Great Commandment and its foundational teaching about what it means to be a Christian. Follows the model of Mark Batterson’s book called PRIMAL


Raising Rebels

In a broken world, heading out of control we need to raise the next generation in a counter cultural way. It’s time to raise some rebels




Jesus’ life, death and resurrection pulled off the greatest rescue in history… and, you’re part of the story




RETURN of the Super Zeros

A look into the dark side of our personalities and the Biblical response to defeating our own Super Zeros!



Road Trip

A look at the many campuses of CrossPoint and the strategies that make us a unique fellowship.





There is a common way of thinking in Christianity that keeps us from becoming what we need to become… it’s time to make the shift.




Sign of the Season

This symbol was used by the first believers to identify each other and what they believed about their Lord. This Christmas we look at this symbol to help us remember what the real meaning of Christmas is.





Scattering seed and reaping a harvest. How did Jesus describe the lives that were ready to grow? Come ask the question, “SowWhat?”




Spiritual Mythbusters

Taking on some of the biggest spiritual myths and testing them out: true or false?





A series that asks the questions about the basics of the faith and gives us all the answers we are looking for… a Starting Point.





We will never move from the status quo if we aren’t willing to be stretched and intentional about finding stretching opportunities. In this series we explore the basics of Christian maturity, seeking the Biblical direction of stretching UP, OUT and IN. So, put on your jogging suit and get ready to feel the burn. Let’s stretch into more than we’ve ever been before!




A series looking at the Super Villains of our lives that creep out in dysfunction, difficulty and dilemma. Approval Junkie, The Fabricator, Master Manipulator, Doctor Downer & Captain Cranium.





Getting your life in SYNC with the Savior.




The 10 – These Are Not Suggestions

A brand new look at the 10 Commandments.



The Family Business

What does it mean to be apart of the Family of God…. roles, rights and responsibilities? What does the Bible say about the traditional family? About those outside the family?



The Games We Play

Explore The “How To’s” of Family life together through a fun look at popular board games like Sorry, Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble, Connect, etc. A family should play together!


Series logo for The Games We Play



The God Identity

A theological series on the doctrine of God.



The Gospel

It often gets lost in the elements of religion and cloudied in the chronicles of debate, but the heart of the Gospel is Good News! With a look at what the Gospel is and isn’t, and a look at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, take a journey into the Good News that is… The Gospel.



The Top 5 Questions

From questions gathered from the local church, a series gives you what you asked for.



The Master Plan

A look at the 5 purposes of the church and the vision of our faith community.



Theres An App For That

Taking the noun of application and turning it back into a verb. It’s time to apply what we already know… there is an app for that!




A chapter by chapter look at the Gospel of Mark. With the repeated use of “immediately” and “at once”, the writer clearly communicates a sense of urgency!


Vital Signs

Making sure you are spiritually healthy means keeping track of your vital signs. How to know, how you are.




What He Does

The Good Friday and Easter weekend messages for 2013… Finding your face in the crowd, and not just what He did, but what He does!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.36.16 PM


Where People Find Purpose

Where People Find Purpose is a series that focuses on the Biblically-based purposes of the church and the believer: Connect, Grow, Serve, Reach & Worship.



Words Matter

The power of words we use the impact of our speech.




God is able to do more than we ask or imagine… so, now it’s time for us to XSEED!.



You Are Here

Discovering where you are on your spiritual journey so you know where you need to go.

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