Welcome, or… at least welcome back!

After a couple years of maintaining the CROSSEYEDLIFE we have decided to take a giant leap forward technologically.

It’s so exciting.

Much of what has happened is behind the scenes, but it’s going to mean some very public benifits. Changing providers, hosters and structures will allow the site to be much more nimble and easier to change.

Plus, there are a good number of widgets on the sidebars that are there for fun (clocks, twitters, MAVS updates, online radio) and for real use (eBible, Calendar, library suggestions, Compassion Connection and partnering with external blogging sites: Technorati Profile). These will be continually changing.

All the content is here from the previous site, but the comments to the posts have been lost. It’s one of the reason I had to leave behind the old hoster. They kind of handcuffed what we could and couldn’t do.

The teaching resources (all the archived messages and such) are no longer a siderbar item, they have their own page with broader descriptions and logos for visual depictions. This should make things much easier to find. You can find that link on the top and the left sidebar of each page.


I cherish your connection and really hope you’ll take 20 seconds to provide your email in the subscription box you see at the top of the right hand sidebar. Your email is kept private and is only used when an update is made to CROSSEYEDLIFE. A copy of that article is sent to you and you can read it, or link to the actual site… thats it. Please, consider subscribing right now.

Well, this is just a technological blog update, but I can’t miss an opportunity to give you something worth chewing on. One of the new features of this site is suggested books widget (down on the botton right). One of the books I have on the list there is from a favorite speaker/author of mine.barbarian-way

Let me tell you, I know it’s Mother’s Day weekend, but you read this one and you’ll grow a beard. It drips with testosterone. AWESOME!

Here’s a taste:

 “If you are a follower of Christ and you have allowed yourself to be domesticated, you have lost the power of who you are and who God intends you to be. You were not created to be normal. God’s desire for you in compliance and conformity. You have been baptized by Spirit and fire. Asleep within you is a barbarian, a savage to all who love the prim and proper. You most go to the primal place and enter the presence of the Most High God, for there you will be changed by His presence. Let Him unleash the untamed faith within you.”

– Erwin Raphael McManus “The Barbarian Way”

5 Replies to “Welcome, or… at least welcome back!”

  1. Lookin’ good Brotherman! I couldn’t get my RSS to work. Kept telling me to enter a valid URL.?.? I tried variations as well as copy/paste, to no availe. Probably my browser but I will try it again later after you’ve been up a while.

    Love you guys.

    D Man

  2. Hmmm… I will check it out on this end, but it might be a propogation issue. The domain isn’t fully grown up yet. Please, help me keep an eye on it.

    Thanks brother man!

  3. I would LOVE to to do the ‘book on tape’ voiceover for this book. The rawness of the text. No pretentious wordiness. Just simple, smack me in the face so hard I can finally think straight…augh!!!!! I know you can’t see it, but my chest is swelling like a warrior about to go to battle. I can’t wait to read the entire book.

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