He Touched Me…

Had a great opportunity this week. I was invited to sit down at a small roundtable discussion with Ed Young Jr. He’s the Pastor of the uber huge Fellowship Church based out of the Metroplex of North Dallas.

Kathy and I attended there often while we went to school and pastored in Fort Worth. And, I have taken our current staff to their C3 conference every year since I have been here.

We have stolen… er borrowed… several ideas from Ed and his staff over the years. But, we shouldn’t feel bad about it. In Ed’s own words, “God gave you eyes, plagiarize! Copy it and make it better!”

It was one of the most awesome days in recent history for me personally and professionally because of what I learned, the other pastors I got to fellowship with and… I hugged Ed.

Yes, yes, yes… for those of you who know, invading my bubble means it must have been a special moment. It was actually caught on tape and I am Giddy to share it with you.

You’ll notice that in classic Ed style he kept asking me questions even though he was the far more interesting guy in the room. I’d love to get the opportunity to turn the tables and throw the questions his way!

Just as bonus material, here are a few more Edisms I wrote down from that day:

  • Everybody wants to reach people until you start reaching people
  • Don’t end things, start new things
  • Your best ideas come from tension, conflict and laughter
  • I cannot handle adult pouting
  • You’re a heretic Andy, you’re the worst person ever (he was standing over me illustrating a point… I hope)
  • Staff need to be “Why Not?” people, not “Why?” people
  • Don’t get into swapping Sheeple
  • Everytime you re-establish the vision people will step up and step out. All heaven and hell will break loose!

Too many more to list. Thanks Ed, Lisa and all of Fellowship Church for sharing with the rest of the world.

2 Replies to “He Touched Me…”

  1. thumbs up
    God has really used you
    Thank you for comming to Ks and doing what you have done here
    bless you

  2. Andy,

    Glad you were able to spend time with one of your heroes. Thanks for all you do.

    Jessica Schmidt

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