It’s both…

I can’t decide which I love more, coffee or coffeeshops.

Like so many others I find it easier to get work done hiding in public, so, when deadlines are pressing I find a comfy, over stuffed chair in the corner of a coffeeshop, plug in, tune out, start sipping and get stuff done.

No staff members ringing through on my extension, no random drop by visits and most beneficially, no giant stacks of other things begging to be done and competing for my attention. Just a caffeine driven focus!

Where I live in Hutchinson there a few options when choosing your coffeeshop bunker, but the deciding factors for defining my home base are:

  1. the coffee
  2. the wifi
  3. the the plug ins
  4. the chairs

I know what you’re thinking. “He has far too much time on his hands if he has the opportunity to come up with a punch list for choosing a coffeeshop.”

Well, I have two responses to you (one snotty, the other legit): first, if you have time to read this then don’t say I have too much time (snotty), second, don’t worry there is a spiritual perspective on this (legit).

It all started when I sat down here at this non-descript, nationally known coffee shop where this article was produced. Next to my usual chair, I noticed a new plug-in. And, I noticed it’s awesomeness: 2 USB charging ports built in!

I have to be honest, my first thoughts were, “This place rocks… they must care about me and my Apple products.”

Right or wrong, this ‘establishment’ just jumped a little higher on the list when making my workspace decision. But, don’t forget… it’s still about the coffee. The only reason they are still in the running is because the coffee is worth the price.

So, if you asked me Continue reading “It’s both…”