I’m All Out Of Love

For those who are not geographically aware of this bloggers location, the following statement won’t mean much:

It’s State Fair time!

Living three blocks from the fairgrounds is a good or bad thing depending upon what you think of the fair.

The Addis from high atop the Weenie Wheel.
The Addis from high atop the Weenie Wheel.

I get most of my fair jollies just sitting on the front porch. Watching the parade of happy people walking to the fair early in the day as they park somewhere beyond my house.

And, then, I am blessed with the occasional treasure of seeing the exact same people coming back later that night… transformed.

Tired, broke, sun burnt or freezing (it’s Kansas, you know) and almost always “less happy.”

This people watching is a little thing I have learned to enjoy in the last seven years of living here in Hutch. I do it every year as I listen to the concerts from the comfort of my porch swing.

You know what else doesn’t change?

The Fair!

That’s amazing to me.

  • They set up the rides in the exact same place that they did in previous years (although some of the rides change).
  • They do the concerts in the exact same venues as every year gone by (although some of the artists change).
  • They have the same vendors in the same booths making the same claims as they did in every year past (although some of the prices change).

And, honestly, I love it. Continue reading “I’m All Out Of Love”

You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?

Dealing with conflict.

Everyone deals with it, but the question is how do you deal. There are constructive and destructive ways to deal with almost anything including conflict, criticism and stupidity.

Hmm… that last descriptor is less from my Bible Study and more from the movie I just caught last night: GI JOE.

andy as GI JOE

I so loved it. I was 11 again.

If one of the JOEs ran into conflict they’d blow it up, punch it in the face, or just kill it.

And, as machismo and testosterone driven as that is (and, oh so appealing for so many situations), I don’t think it’s the answer for the Christ follower in conflict.

I just can’t imagine Jesus strapping on a fully automatic machine gun with rocket launcher attachment and sneering at his 12-man commando posse as He jumps on the back of camel yelling, “Mount up”. Continue reading “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?”

Growing up, Graduating & Chuck


I write this blog to you from the corner of the snack shop at YouthFront Camp in Edgerton, Ks. I’ve had the privilege of being the camp pastor here for the last four years and it’s starting to feel like a second home.


They have great facilities, an excellent staff and some of the most unique programs I have every seen. But, probably the most ringing endorsement comes from my boys Noah and Nathan who say this is their “most favorite camp ever”, which is a huge statement because my boys… they’ve seen lot of camp.


When I ask what their favorite part is, it’s hard for them to decide:

  • Is it the paramilitary game NIGHTSTRIKE played late at night when they cut all the lights at camp
  • Is it the grossly enormous free standing water slide that has a 30 second drop
  • Is it the 50s Pool Party, the Renaissance fair, the camp-wide shaving cream war, the daily HYPE sessions of dancing, goofy games and indoor dodgeball
  • Is it the all access free pass they get to the snack shop as the camp pastor’s kids (I think this might be it, but that’s just me)


Whatever it is, I love doing this camp, because my kids love it so much. And, this camp is really unusual because of its facilities and programming.


However, there is one thing that makes this camp identical to the hundreds of other camps I have been to over the years… the kiddos. Continue reading “Growing up, Graduating & Chuck”

Get ready, get ready, get ready


img_0471Just got back from an incredible trip overseas and I have more to communicate than I could ever hope to pour out in a single sermon, blog or conversation. So, whoever shows up at church this weekend… God help them.

One of the great parts of this recent road trip was the opportunity to visit the ancient ruins of Ephesus and actually stand where the Apostle Paul stood. You know, to not guess, but to whip out the old Holy Bible and read the chapter and verse and quote what he said standing on the very spot he said it.

Kinda cool. Felt a little like a time machine with the flux capacitor kicked into high gear.

So, here I am this morning trying to reintegrate/catch up on the week we missed and I decided to reread some of the passages connected to the places I’d just seen.

Right out of Acts 19 while Paul was visiting Ephesus is this crazy, funny story: Continue reading “Get ready, get ready, get ready”

Mixed Messages?


I have a love hate relationship with my IPOD.

More than 8000 songs from classical, to 80s, to Bluegrass, to Heavy Metal (Christian, of course), to audiobooks, to podcasts/sermons, to some stuff I can’t even begin to apply genre too.

Then there are days worth of video (seasons of Dr Who for me and Spongebob for the kiddos), games, pictures and even text files. drwho

I have the 160 GB Classic monster… that’s the part I love.

The part I hate… trying to listen to it in my car.

I have tried nearly a dozen of those little wireless FM transmitters only to be dismally disappointed every stinking time!

I plug it in, turn it on and tune it up expecting to hear that crystal clear digital joy. But, what I get would make a leisure suit wearing, El Camino driving, eight track aficionado smirk at me with disgust (sorry to all your dads). Continue reading “Mixed Messages?”

Contentment is so frustrating

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to Christian Challenge, the college aged ministry meeting here in the Hutchinson area.

I spoke on the issue of contentment, and as weird as it sounds… I have been totally fired up about contentment! This spring I have spoken at half a dozen schools and colleges and have talked about contentment almost every time (even at our own SURGE Bible Study once). But, last night I finally got it on video.

Hope you enjoy! (BTW… if you ‘right click’ the video you can ZOOM and watch it full screen if you’d like. A new feature on our new site!)

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It’s tempting to be corny

I just spent the last week working with the students of Corn Bible Academy  in Corn, Ok… okay, let’s get this out of our system… yes, they were the children of the corn.

Corny, eh?

I was completely impressed with the students and staff of this small Christian school and had a great time with them as a teacher/pastor for their spiritual emphasis week.

During the week we had a Q&A time which lead to this video on dealing with temptation. The focus verse is 1 Corinthians 10:13:
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

The Holy Bible : New International Version. 1996, c1984 (electronic ed.) (1 Co 10:12-13). Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Also, stay tuned to the bitter end for the bloopers. I got real bored on the trip home. Four hours of, well, Oklahoma and Kansas. There’s a mind-numbing afternoon. Enjoy!

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Back Stage Pass

A double blessing this week:   
  • One, I get to travel with our student ministry to their 1,200 member winter conference in Topeka, Ks.
  • Two, I get to speak at the same conference.
While I was hanging out backstage meeting the band and getting tech stuff set up, I was struck by this teaching. I hope it is encouraging to you.

A Brand New World


I am awestruck at the significance and importance of a day like today. As the calendar page slipped from this past Tuesday to this present Wednesday, our world has forever changed.

This once in a lifetime experience has come upon us and now we must seize the opportunity for all it is worth. We must not hold back, for we have been destined for such a time as this.

Without any hesitation we must not deny the reality of what this day means. Yes, today… this very day… my blog is one year old!

What? Were you expecting something else? Continue reading “A Brand New World”