Willing and Able

Here is where I have been all week…

In my personal devotions I have been studying meditation and discipline. The focus for this spiritual exercise has been on the Lord’s Prayer. Each day I have been guided to meditate/focus on a specific line from the prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.

Meditation is not sitting on the floor chanting ooga booga. It’s chewing on, centralizing your heart, continuing to return to a thought over and over again until it is ingrained within you.

Basically, it’s everything bad about worrying, but used for the forces of good. Yeah, that’s about it… meditation is positive worrying… if that’s even possible.

While every line from the prayer is worthy of daily focus, I have not been able to get around the first line. Even though I need to move on, I feel like God isn’t done with me as it relates to these 4 little words:

“Our Father in heaven…”

Here’s what meditation on this sentence fragment is revealing to me: my God is willing and able.

Our Father – As my Father I know He wants to Continue reading “Willing and Able”