Don’t be ‘that’ guy

I have unleashed a veritable firestorm of controversy!

Too bad I wasn’t trying to… oops.

I’ve been reading a secular leadership book by Simon Sinek called “Start With Why.” Not a book I chose…  just one I was assigned as preparation for a committee I am serving on, but it’s been a pretty good read.

Anyway, there was an interesting illustration in the book that I pulled a quote from and posted on Facebook, my first mistake.

After several comments to the post, twitter replies, text messages and a few stink eyes from some soccer moms, I realized I may have touched a nerve.

I am pretty perceptive that way. I pick up on those subtleties. It’s a gift.

On top of it all, I got defriended… actually, that word is so stupid I can’t even be mad about that one. It’s kind of like the many times I got undated in high school (sigh).

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