But saved by You, I now am freed

My souls a wreck
Sinful, lost, backslidden again
I hit the deck
Prayer, my only hope, in the sin

Father hear my heart of stone
I am in need but in the dark
There’s no hope for me alone
I need a hope, a cross, an ark

A tool in your hand I want to be
But sharpened, cleaned, renewed a must
For by its grace you set me free
I know full well I come from dust

Please hear my cry, to sin I die
Wash me new, my feet in need
Here kneels a sinner, am I
But saved by You, I now am freed


I am often moved by the Psalm writers because of their incredible honesty. If you asked a Psalm writer how his day was, you wouldn’t get the generic “Fine” that we get in our culture.

 When he hurt, you knew it. When he was confused, he made sure everybody was in that loop. In fact, there are occasions in which you might even label him… dramatic?
But, that is why I love that book in the Bible. It connects with the reality of our human experience. I have been in a journal writer for several years, and have often written stories, thoughts, drawn pictures and even some lines of poetry (albeit not very good poetry, as I offer the example above) as my own expression of prayer.

I think that artistic expression is something we’ve lost in modern Christianity, we’ve made things so academic we’ve lost that ability to express ourselves. And, we’ve convinced ourselves that we are not creative… but, you were made in the image of the Creator, so… that makes no sense.

You are creative.

In our series on the Psalms here at CrossPoint called “My Inmost Being” we are encouraging you to write your own psalm. Pretty sure it won’t make it into the Bible, in fact very sure, but we’d still love for you to express yourself.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link where you can submit your own psalm, and we’d love to include it in a collection of real human emotion.

A prayer, a plea, a praise… Whatever is on your heart.

Submit a psalm

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