Beginnings 2 – Baptism

This is part of a 12-week series designed around some basic Christian disciplines that will propel you to spiritual growth!


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Here is the podcast above in a nutshell…

Welcome back to Beginnings! We are on our second week in this journey of spiritual growth, and I want to invite you to a discussion on baptism.

For some, this topic is of utmost importance to the spiritual life, for others, it’s a minor issue. But, the only way we will know just where to place it on the scales of importance in our spiritual life is to prayerfully investigate and see what God’s Word says.

Here is what it isn’t:
Baptism is not essential for salvation. Jesus work on the cross was complete, and our efforts do not make it any better, nor can our lack of effort diminish its value.

Here is what it is:
A Symbol – going into the water and coming out reflects on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.
A Testimony – our personal baptism declares our identification with Jesus.
An Obedience – even though it is not essential to salvation, it is essential to obedience. Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples and baptize them in Matthew 28.

So that leaves us with some pressing questions.

Q: Who should be baptized?
A: Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. Acts 2:41 describes the story of a day in which 3,000 people became followers of Jesus, and everybody (every say everybody) got baptized that day.

Q: How should I be baptized?
A: The word baptism literally means “to dip under water” in the original Greek. In fact, the word in Greek is pronounced “bap-tee-zo.” So, even though there are many forms of baptism in existence today, baptism by immersion is the Biblical model.

Q: When should I be baptized?
A: As soon after you have believed as possible! But, that is the key. It’s very important that your baptism reflects a personal decision you have made to follow Jesus Christ. So, a baptism before your personal understanding and decision to follow Jesus is just a religious activity and not a true act of obedience or worship.

There are many more questions that people have like how do I get baptized? What will I have to do, or say? What if I am afraid of crowds/water/preachers? What does it look like the day of my baptism?

To hear the answer to these questions and hear a word on one of the greatest baptisms in the Bible, make sure to check out the podcast link below!
Seeking more of Him and less of me,
Pastor Andy Addis
CrossPoint Church
John 3:30

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