Get ready… you have work to do

I was asked to record a short training on One Verse Evangelism for Christian Challenge Collegiate Ministries as they prepare for the return of students this Spring semester.

I love this resource because it is proof you don’t have to be a theologian to share your faith. I have been teaching (and using) this resource for years and I hope you will do more than watch it.

I hope you will practice it, use it, make a difference with it! Someone you know, needs to know what you know, from you know who (that’d be you).

Get ready… you have work to do.

2 Replies to “Get ready… you have work to do”

  1. Thank you for putting evangelism front and center for all of us! Many of us know multiple methods of sharing our faith, yet many of us have just gotten lazy. You tweeted several months ago a quote to the effect of “What is worse than being lost? No one is looking for you.” People are perishing all around us and we’re not even trying to find them! We need to seek them and then LOVE them enough to share the gospel with them. I will pray that the Lord brings many lost people to this site just to watch this video and pray with you so they can transfer their trust to Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. I am so glad God has called you to pastor others. Keep making a difference for Him, friend!

    Lee Ann

  2. WONDERFULLY AMAZINGLY UNDERSTANDABLE!! I will forever have that verse and imagine in my mind and heart. THANK YOU!

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