A Valentine of Mine

A very public valentine for my wife. Because I want her to know, that you all know, what I know…

I love you my Kathy.

There is a reason that wife rhymes with life

God’s design from the beginning

That the two become one

Never undone

Best prize to be won

A life well lived, shared together

The reason that life rhymes with wife


Many a role she has played, over the years to this day

A partner without equal

A mother, yes

A friend, the best

A lover, caressed

A sister in the faith

One who covers me when I stray, never fails to pray


Taking a journey or a stand, through the years hand in hand

She’s a companion much undeserved

In marriage, my bride

Over children, we’ve cried

Through my fears, a guide

A single day without, I cannot imagine

This life I could not withstand without her in that wedding band


On this day we are not done, many miles yet to run

The only race I never want to end

Promised love, I do

To our home, I’m true

My only love, is you

Words cannot express my heart

Regrets there are none, knowing our time has just begun

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  1. Aww, you’re the best Sweetness. Thank you. I love you way more than I can put words to but I am so proud and thankful to always be your Sweet Kate. Let’s dance you and I…

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