The ABC’s of daily devotion

I just finished a pretty unique recording project, and I am actually quiet pleased with it!

It’s 22 tracks of daily devotions about 2-4 minutes each. The project is designed to help people start, or restart a regular daily devotion time with God.

I’m calling it the ABC’s of Devotion for several reasons:

1. It’s easy to start and do (easy as ABC)

2. It uses Psalm 119 as it’s content, which has 22 sections; one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet (their ABCs)

3. Just like singing the ABCs… its a little habit forming. They say (whoever they are) that it takes 21 days to start a habit and with this being a 22 track project there is a good chance we can make daily time with God a new habit in people’s lives.

Anyway, I love the way the project turned out. I love the quality of the recordings. And, I love having a resource that can help people get consistent in their daily walk with the Lord.

So, I thought I’d post Day 1 for the CrossEyedLife community and see what you think. Thanks for checking it out!

Here’s a suggested pattern for your daily time with God using the ABC’s:

  1. Pray and ask that God would speak to you and that you would hear clearly what He’s saying
  2. Read the passage for that day
  3. Listen to that day’s track
  4. Pray again and commit to God some point of application that you can take away from that days devotion

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