Had a great time meeting with fellow pastors this morning for coffee, and the concept of extremes came up. Extremes in belief, extremes in politics and extremes and culture.

Later this weekend millions of people will tune in to the Super Bowl. There will be millions who are rooting for Denver, and probably an equal amount of millions rooting for Seattle.

But, no doubt, there will be millions upon millions watching who are just there because they love football and the game! Their team didn’t make the cut this year, but there still fans of the game and it’s going to be a big day.

Last night the State of the Union address was given. Not nearly as many, but still, millions tuned in.

There were fans lining up on the Republican side, and fans lined up on the Democratic side.

There will always be people who are going to side with their “team”no matter what the results are. But, where the people who are just rooting for the game?

Are we so blinded by politics, animosity and conspiracy (on either side of the line) that we have forgotten how to root for America?

I’m a conservative, I know what I believe, and I know what I’d like to have happen. But, before I would ever call myself Republican/Democrat/libertarian/tea partier… I’m an American.

I do not like where we are as a country, and I don’t think I like where we are going.

But, because I love America and the freedoms I’m afforded by living here, I refuse to play the part that I have been assigned.

I don’t want to support this agenda and I don’t want to tear down that agenda. I want to cheer for… the game!

I am Pro America, and even though I believe what I believe strongly I want to secure my freedoms and religious liberties by preserving the same things for others.

So, in view of the coming midterm elections and the craziness that is cable news… might I suggest that we quit picking teams and blindly following whatever agenda is set before us.

Know what you believe, stand for what you believe and root for America. I think that’s the underdog in this game…

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