Saddleback, the conference begins


Believe it or not, these conferences are not all about facilities and numbers. There is actually a lot of solid teaching and instruction that goes on here.

So, let me just drop a few pearls of wisdom for you. I’ll try to include some things that are cool enough to translate across several fields of interest and not just pastoring. These are ideas/quotes from any number of the presenters that spoke during today’s sessions:

  • How do you motivate others? Forget about it, you can’t. You stay passionate and that is contagious. People are motivated by the passions of other people
  • We need to learn to enjoy God’s grace. Not just teach it, but enjoy it. The truth is that none of us deserve to be saved, but by God’s grace we are. Know this… God doesn’t just love you, He likes you. He really is fond of you.
  • Obvious visible imperfections in the pastor are a good thing (thanks be to God, added by me)
  • The most blessed ministries are the most criticized, and the average pastor leaves his ministry because of only seven critics
  • The pastor who is available to all the people all the time isn’t worth much when he is there
  • God often puts His greatest gifts in the weakest of vessels, so that He gets the glory
  • What are the things that motivate you: internal, external or eternal?
  • You only believe the parts of the Bible that you do
  • Most marriage counseling can be summed up in two words: GROW UP!
  • We don’t do evangelism to add members to our church, we do it to grow the KINGDOM. But, once they need a church we’re happy to recommend ours first.
  • We don’t need anymore meetings in the church. We are already educated far beyond our obedience.
  • What’s my best definition of small groups? Connecting dysfunctional people with dsyfunctional people.
  • People don’t always know what they need, but they need to be in community.

Well, it’s a bit clicheish, but for many of these quotes, you had to be there.

I hope this gives you a little sneak peek into the world of the Purpose Driven Community Gathering for today. I’d be interested to see what ya’lls favorite quote of the day was via your comments.

Have a good one, keep us in your prayers and we’ll try and blog it up again tomorrow.

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