Suffering for the Lord



This week I’ll be perpetuating a problem.

Several of the staff from our church have come up with a nickname for myself and our executive Pastor Rod Sims.  Apparently, we work together a lot which, makes sense since his position was created out of mine as the church grew.

Anyway, they affectionately (and it better be affectionately) refer to us as RANDY whenever they see us together.  Honestly, it makes me kind of uncomfortable and I am trying to express a little less PDA in public…  that was a joke.

Well, the RANDY jokes should be flying back in the office this week as Rod and I headed for a weeklong trip to the sunny state of California for a conference of Saddleback Community Church.


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I am really excited about this conference, and if you are part of our faith community you should be, too.  Saddleback is the church pastored by Rick Warren who authored The Purpose Driven Life.  And, of course, this is the church that modeled our 40 Days of Purpose campaign that was such a success for a several years ago.

When it comes to the purpose driven movement, Rod and I have been taken up into the mother ship.  This is gonna be a great week!

On top of all of that, for me this is kind of a homecoming since I was born in Southern California.  In fact, where I am typing this blog is only 30 minutes from where I grew up every summer at my grandparent’s house.  For me Palme trees and stucco homes rekindle those fondest memories, like farms do for some of you.

For Rod, however, this is a foreign land.  In fact, if I have to hear him say to himself one more time how he can’t believe a state government would pay so much to keep this many flowers alongside these public roads, I’m going to show him the meaning of our purpose driven jack slap…  Once again, just kidding.

My plan was to blog about each day’s experience at the conference, but a pre conference blog was not really in the schedule.  That is, until a few hours ago.  It has been a long first travel day, but fun, too.

After 17 hours on the road I am ready to hit the sack and prepare my heart and mind for tomorrow.  That’s when I got of text from one of my friends who lives here in California who knew I was attending this conference.  The text was more than just a note, it was a prayer and I would like to share it with you.

Here’s what Matt wrote:

Lord please use this week to teach my friend how he could better communicate Your truths.  Give him Your vision and love for people.  Also please give him rest.

As I read those words, I was reminded how important prayer is.  So, that’s the purpose of this day early blog.

Would you please pray for Rod and I.  I am excited about what we could learn, what it means for our church and what the future holds.

But, I covet your prayers because I don’t want to miss a single opportunity.  So, I just simply ask once again.  Whether you do it through e-mail, comment on this blog or privately in your own voice…  Would you pray for us?

On a side note, and it’s not just my paranoia (at least I think it’s not my paranoia, you never know when you’re paranoid), a California resident told me yesterday their overdue for an earthquake.  You might stick that in one of your prayers.

God bless and we’ll blog you later.

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