A Trajectory of Destruction

Have you ever heard of “hurry up sickness”?


Even if you haven’t heard of it, you have probably suffered from it. Don’t be confused, hurry up sickness is not busyness. Being busy might be a symptom, but most of us who are trying to make a difference in someone else’s life, our families life, or even our own life will be busy to some degree.


What i’m talking about is a schedule that leads to a behavior that causes a mindset which produces irritability, feelings of futility, difficulty in relationships and a general displeasure with things that should be fun and/or satisfying.


When busy turns your everyday into something like this, you have hurry up sickness. This has been the subject of my daily devotions in a journal thatI am working through recently. It’s been a challenge to hear words like slowdown, process, and “be in the moment you’re already in”.


Most of us seldom sit down long enough to enjoy the moments of our day. In fact, wherever we are at any given point on the timeline of our lives we are usually rushing to get on to the next point. So, during these devotional times I have been required to slow down, meditate and really try and let the Lord speak.


The Lords prayer which is so familiar to us is easy to skim over because we think we’ve already covered it. But, that seems to be the point. I was instructed to go over each line of that incredible prayer, chewing on each word and thought, journaling what the Lord was saying. I want to encourage you to do the exact same thing.


It might take you a half an hour, or an hour, or maybe even a weekend. But, one thing I know for sure… it will be worth it!


I don’t want this to influence your own experience, but let me share with you right out of my journal as an example of what I hope god will produce in your life. The following reflects my reflections of the Lord’s prayer back to God.


After you read this, scratch out your own time where you are alone and in relative quiet… read through the Lords prayer slowly (Matthew 6:9–13)… write down everything you think and feel.


There are no wrong answers, just the opportunity to spend some time with your Maker.


Our Father- I have never really known a father, but I desire that role for my own life more than all others. I believe a father to be loving, caring, correcting, and protecting. To see You my God as a Father is difficult for me at times, but I do pray that I will (daily) see this aspect of how You want to relate to me- not just own or control me- but to have a relationship that exceeds friendship. That you actually desire to be my Father.


In Heaven- no doubt you are “other.” As a resident of heaven by definition You are holy and able beyond all measures that I could offer. Your address means Your position is one of power, influence and ability beyond my comprehension.


Hallowed Be Your Name- forgive my flippancy! I am aware that I do not own the proper respect or reverence for who You are. I desperately need a dose of reality which draws me into a fear of You. May I live my life knowing that people associate me, my words and my actions with Your name. So, in the same breath… may all that I do be hallowed in a way that honors You.


Your Kingdom Come- our world is all about tiny, impatient, temporary kingdoms – from nations to personal reputations – so, forgive us for the atrocities and horrors we create to build and protect these sandcastle kingdoms. May Your Kingdom come, which I can easily believe is a kingdom that is legitimate, eternal, powerful, beneficial, just, final, the answer, the hope, all the rest. Lord, please give us Your Kingdom and may we establish Your Kingdom before our kingdoms kill us all.


Your Will Be Done- if You are Father, if You are in heaven, if Your name is worthy to be hallowed, if Your Kingdom is to come, then naturally, Your will must be done. I spin on the axis of me and orbit the center of my desires powered by the gravity of personal will… I have a trajectory of destruction. God, may I know, feel and experience Your will firsthand today. And, if none other would pursue it, may Your will be done by me.


On Earth as it is Heaven- Your sovereignty is no question- Lord, you are Lord. Because of this I have a desire that what takes place in heaven without question would bleed over into our broken realm as well. May the swiftness of angelic obedience and faithfulness of all elements in nature (never taking their attention from you) become the habit of Your people. If nowhere else in this broken and sinful world, may I as one of Your people (the church) find my life adding up to this one thing… that Your will be done in my life, on earth as it is in heaven.


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread- I am not far removed from those maggot infested containers of manna we read about in the Old Testament. Always wanting to save up, store up, backup for personal provision. I too often negate what You are trying to teach us by storing Your blessings up instead of depending on You daily. Our needs, by You, are supplied daily because You are not a supernatural Sam’s Warehouse. You are our Father and the question of provision for us is a given. But, will we trust you day by day? Lord, I desire the security of weeks, the pleasure of months and the stability of years in stored provision. But, more precious than these would be for You to give me the beauty of a daily walk with You. Building trust, faith, hope, expectation and total reliance on You and You alone.


And Forgive Us Our Debt- my deepest need. My tab is full, my account is overdue, I am spiritually bankrupt. Lord, I know Christ died for me I am a new mean, but I have returned to the baptism pool time and again and found the corpse of the old man by dragging that river. I wear him like a suit of sin. Not just my guilt, which is their… not just my regret, which remains…not just my sin, which plagues… but, the old me refuses to die. Father in heaven, forgive me and free me from me and all acts of me.


As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors- an anchor on my soul is past pain. Even when I said the words “I forgive” I am still infected with the poison of the past. I am the servant that was so incredibly forgiven, but put this shakedown on the fellow servant who owed so little. That is the point, isn’t it lord? I have been lied about, used, neglected, chastised, jeered, scoffed and attacked, but those are nothing compared to the suffering I have caused Your Son Jesus. Help me to forgive as He died and forgave me- undeniably unconditionally, unbelievably.


And Lead Us Not Into Temptation- after 40 years of being with me I know one thing for sure… I am a man of triggers. It takes so little to set me off in the direction of anger, hurt, lust, greed, pride, rebellion… You name it. Lord, You know my triggers better than I know them myself. I acknowledge my need for spiritual maturity and to begin, by Your Spirit, to get these and other arenas of my life under control by Your grace. But, between now and then, I pray as instructed by Your own Son: Please shelter me, protect me and steer me away from the landmines that continually devastate me. You see what I cannot, You understand what I don’t. Lord, clear my path from temptation.


But Deliver Us From Evil- finally Lord, as we walk, I ask for a secondary rescue. You have already delivered me from the jaws of death and eternal separation in hell. For that I am eternally grateful and have no position at all from which to ask for anything else; except that Jesus asked us to ask You, please deliver us again. But, this time not just from ourselves, from the evil one and his plans. Please deliver me from fear, depression, curiosity, poor health, a distracted spirit, broken relationships, superficial faith, hopelessness, hindrances, and anything hell wants to throw at me, mine and Your church. Lord, be my shield, and I will be what I can be… Yours.


I hope that’s helpful As you think about meditating through the Lords prayer yourself. We’re all busy, but if you are too busy to spend significant time with your Maker… you are just flat way-to-busy!


Plan on sometime in the very near future to get alone, get quiet and get with Him.

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